4ft x 4ft Custom Happy Bird

Really Big Dreams ~ Art Gallery of Contemporary Artist, Pascó

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4ft x 4ft Custom Happy Bird

Artwork Details

4ft x 4ft Custom Happy Bird on Canvas

How It Works

Once you've placed your order someone from Really Big Dreams will contact you via email with a brief questionnaire to help Pascó create a one of a kind, personalized masterpiece just for you!

Keep in mind, Pascó is not an interior designer. You can't order a green bird with a yellow background. Rather, the questions will be more along the lines of; Do you like lighter or darker colors? What's your favorite color? Which of the existing Happy Bird pieces do you like best and why? 

You'll also be asked to provide links to your social media accounts, some personality questions and other related topics. The more you share, the more Pascó has to work with. 

To date, Pascó has a 100% Grand Slam Home Run success rate with every Custom Commission he's ever made. 

The process takes between two weeks to 30 days. Once completed your new Happy Bird will be delivered to our preferred shipper to be boxed and prepped to ship and you'll receive an email from them on shipping options.

Every Pascó painting comes with a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity.

Hassle-Free Shipping Information

Shipping has notoriously been a challenge in the art world for millenia.

Really Big Dreams has worked hard to ease this process with safe and hassle-free options to suit any situation.

Once you have completed your order a member of our team will contact you via email to make easy and affordable shipping arrangements. 

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