About Pascó

Pascó is a Caribbean-American Contemporary Artist, Philosopher, Poet, Musician, Writer, Entrepreneur and Founder of MMoA - The Modern Museum of Art.


Pascó creates bold, generally large scale paintings, prints, photographs of his life, lovers and friends, sculptures, installations and books that explore ideas related to the intersection of pop-art, abstract-expressionism, documentary photography, authored material, personal power, modern day communication, the laws of intention and attraction, social media, romance, adventure and love. The artist mines his own collection of 20th century cultural ephemera, including blogs, books, memes, magazines and films, for source material.

“I use thought-provoking messages, affirmations of greatness, magical moments & stimulating visuals to inspire myself and my fellow kings & queens...  the entrepreneurs, the dreamers, the hustlers,  the go-getters, the adventure seekers and the miracle makers of the world.  My work directly reflects my own internal dialogue as I scream these ideas and messages at myself." ~ Pascó

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Featured Collections

The Robert Downey Jr. Collection, Los Angeles 
( KAWS, Shepard Fairey, RETNA, Pasc
ó )

Inside Robert Downey Jr.'s Amazing $11 Million "Magical Hampton's Compound" Featuring Art By Pascó, Shepard Fairey and more!

The Prophet Walker Collection, Los Angeles 
( RETNA, Pascó )

 The Esoteric Collection, Los Angeles 
( Keith Haring, Kaws, Murakami, RETNA, Gregory Siff, King Saladeen, Mar, Tonica Calderon, Shepard Fairey, Plastic Jesus, By Flore, SEK, Jimmy Paintz, Skyler Grey, ODLAW, Mr. Brainwash, 2WENTY, Saint Henri, Tyler Shields, Connor Tingley, Alec Monopoly, Pascó )
The Eddie Donaldson Collection, Los Angeles 
( RETNA, Gregory Siff, Shepard Fairey, Pascó, Etc... )

WKB Collection, Houston, TX
( Andy Warhol, Plastic Jesus, Gregory Siff, By Flore, Mr Herget, The Most Famous Artist, Takashi Murakami, Pascó )

The Kevin Hart Collection, Los Angeles