Pascó's Magic Dictionary

Pascó's Magic Dictionary is a collection of quotes and doodles in black permanent marker on pages from an old 80's Websters Dictionary.

Pascó is constantly collecting & writing quotes in his notebook, as he self-coaches himself forward. Plotting out his life, dreams and vision for the future on paper has been a lifelong obsession and he rarely goes anywhere without a notebook,  so his incredible stack of mostly Moleskine notebooks continues to rise, filling up a new one almost every month.

Because of the overwhelming amount of requests to purchase  his personal notebook pages, which are not for sale,  Pascó started writing these nuggets of wisdom on these dictionary pages, so that people could take home a beautiful piece of inspiration,  without him having to tear out pages from his notebooks. 

Each page is $333.  Limit 3 pages per household. 

A coffee table book with all of the pages will be available once a certain number of pages are purchased.