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Artwork Details

4ft x 4ft, Acrylic & Footprints on Canvas, Pascó's LA Art Pad, Los Angeles, California, 2013.

This incredible 4ft x 4ft painting was made on hand-stretched & primed canvas by Pascó. This piece is a great representation of one of the first times Pascó ever built & stretched a canvas himself. 

The over-use of staples and its ever-so-slightly imperfect shape offers a wonderful flashback in art history, before he could afford machine-made canvases and studio interns on a regular basis..

Prior to painting this masterpiece Pascó laid the canvas down on the floor of his LA Art Pad, where he, along with a couple of his magical muses, put their hands and feet in paint and then danced and played and dreamed on the canvas.
Once it was stretched, the letters are taped down and the painting begins. The final step, Pascó's favorite part, is pealing off the tape, which he sometimes forgets is even there for a moment, making it a great surprise. You can see the hand and foot prints from the magical time that was had making this piece, inside the pealed letters.

"Design" measures an impressive 48 inches tall by 48 inches wide. 
Dated on verso. 
Certificate of Authenticity.

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