🚨 NEW WERK ALERT 🚨 The "Black & White Paintings" Collection

A Collection of Six Original Pop Art, TAG works on Canvas, inspired by Christopher Wool, CB Hoyo, Philippe Shangti, Barbara Kruger, Kieth Haring and Peter Tunney.. Now available! Collect and Invest in these stunning Modern Art Masterpieces. Take home a piece of Art History by future Blue Chip Artist, Pascó.

🚨 NEW WERK ALERT 🚨 The "Linguistic Flowers" Collection

A Collection of Six Original Pop Art Power Flower Paintings on Canvas by Pascó.

Pascó’s ‘Linguistic Flowers’ was inspired by Ed Ruscha, Picasso & Andy Warhol, combining big beautiful flowers in stunningly bright color and witty, inspired text, inducing powerful pop formulations tantamount to the most iconic works from the past. ‘Linguistic Flowers’ actualizes the spirit and modern tone of this entrepreneurial-minded, meme obsessed, social sharing era.

🚨 NEW WERK ALERT 🚨 The "Monochrome In Bloom" Collection

A Series of 6 Pop Art Flower & TAG Paintings by Artist To Collect While You Still Can, Pascó. These Available Contemporary Art Canvases were Inspired by Influential Text-based Artists like Kieth Haring, Christopher Wool & early works by Tracy Emin. Buy Original Art by Pascó.

🚨 NEW WERK ALERT 🚨 The "Lockdown Love Nest" Collection

A Collection of Three Contemporary Art Masterpieces on Canvas by Pascó

Recently SOLD Paintings 🔴

Recently sold Modern Art masterpieces by Emerging Contemporary Artist, Pascó.